Monday, February 25, 2013

Legacy Love

Last weekend was Baby G's "Legacy Celebration" hosted by my Zeta sisters in Colorado. We went to school all over the country, and were members of Zeta Tau Alpha at our universities, and now all live in Colorado. We get together monthly, and having these women in my life is so special. It was such a blessing to move to Colorado and to be welcomed by a circle of friends, all sharing a similar college experience and  love for our sorority and philanthropy. These women bring such joy to my life, and am so excited to have them in baby G's life too. It's fun to think about what this group will look like 5-10 years from now when all of us young alumnae have started families and get to enjoy the adventure of being moms together!

The shower theme was "A Legacy Celebration" because since baby G is a girl, she'll be my little legacy if she decides to join Zeta Tau Alpha in college. I think every sorority mama dreams of her daughter joining her sorority some day :) Of course, I will support her if she decides to join a different sorority or not join one at all, I do want what is best for her. But, it's a lot of fun to think about her being my little legacy!!
These are all Mu chapter sisters from Drury University that I went to school with, who now live in Colorado too! It's always nice to see a familiar Missouri face, in Colorado!

The BEAUTIFUL spread of brunch and pink sweets, perfect combination! 

Me with Dorothy, the host. She was a Zeta at Texas Methodist University

BEAUTIFUL decorations by Kate, who was a Zeta at Oklahoma State University

I loved the onesies hanging over the fireplace, they are so cute and tiny!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Losing My Mind? No, I'm Just Pregnant.

Being pregnant has made me incredibly clumsy (even moreso that I am normally) and there are days when I feel like I'm losing my mind. Here are a few highlights to give you a laugh. Feel free to laugh out loud, I'm laughing along with you. I'm not losing my mind, right? I'm just pregnant!

  • I spilled my entire cup of coffee in my top desk drawer at work, on accident (obviously)
  • I forgot my wallet in my coat at work the day we were leaving Denver for the cruise - why my wallet was in my coat (and not in my purse) and how I managed to leave work without a coat in 30 degree weather, I don't know?
  • Chipping kitchen plates when I am putting them away in the cabinet
  • One day last week, I was 100% sure I closed the blinds in the living room before I left for work, but when I got home from work, they were open! 
  • I dropped my iPhone while I was on a work trip in Washington, shattering it beyond use. Chris and I had to coordinate my pickup from the Denver airport via email before I left the airport in Washington to come home! 
  • I regularly forget to attach documents to emails at work when I refer to them in the email body
  • I've been forgetting things at home when I am supposed to bring them - like side dishes for meals at friends houses or leaving my phone at home on a regular basis
  • Not remembering if I sent friends thank you cards, or birthday cards, or any kind of card
  • Not remembering if I already wore a specific outfit that week, or if it was the previous week?
Looking forward to only 8 more weeks (or less) of being overly clumsy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Celebrating Baby G in Missouri

Last weekend we made the trek back to Missouri for a Springfield and a Kansas City baby shower, celebrating Baby G. This weekend started the series of "lasts" for the Colorado-Gilstraps, our last flight and our last Missouri visit with out a baby in tote!

Words cannot describe the joy and happiness of being surrounded by so many amazing women, who have each impacted my life at various points in my life, and that will be loving, supporting and encouraging role models in my daughter's life.

I'll try not to get too emotional here, but I feel like over the years, God has brought each individual into my life at just the right time, maybe when I needed her most or unbeknownst to me, when she needed me. That moment was the beginning of a life long friendship, with some friends I talk to on a regular basis or some friends I haven't seen in years, but each holds special place and significance in my life and in my heart. And as a soon-to-be-mother with a little daughter on the way, it was so powerful and filling to have all of these women together in the same room, to share in this special life moment and to celebrate the new chapter I am beginning becoming a mom! Baby G and I are so incredibly blessed and fortunate to be surrounded by these women, and it will mean so much to me to be able to introduce her to each family member and friend.
Julie's Cousin Stacy and Baby G's Great Granny Darlene
A Little Zeta Love in Springfield!

Balls for Baby G's Ball Pit - oh my!

Could we really go without having Chief's apparel? Not a chance!
The Duvall girls and the Kansas City shower host, Annette Braam (my second mom)

The beautiful diaper cake my mom made!
Baby G's unofficial "Aunt" Megan

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Maternity Photos

While my parents were in Denver, we booked our friend Beth to take maternity photos and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out! We took photos at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum, at our house, and on Pearl Street. Chris has always had a little-boy-like love for airplanes, so we thought it would be neat to take photos at the museum, and we're looking forward to taking our little one back to the museum someday for photos with her! Pearl Street is where we spend our summertime weekends, at the farmer's market on Sundays and taking long summer walks in the evenings. I'm so happy to have these pictures with my parents, and I look forward to sharing these special photos with our little girl when she grows up.

Baby G (the Ninja) @ 29 weeks

Trip to Tucson

One last out-of-state getaway weekend, we went to visit Hilary and Harry in Tucson. We had a wonderful, low key weekend complete with quality time, eating delicious mexican food, a trip to the air museum, addressing Hilary's wedding save-the-date postcards, registering at Crate & Barrel, playing cards with friends, enjoying sunny warm weather and eating an incredible food truck lunch. We were so excited to visit Hilary and Harry in Arizona before the babe gets here, and could not have had a more perfect weekend.