Sunday, April 15, 2012

Surgery #2

Just four weeks after my foot surgery, Chris had his wisdom teeth removed. Fortunately, I received the 'ok' from my doctor to quit using crutches on Wednesday, just two days before I would be expected to chauffeur Chris home from his surgery and take care of him. Close call! He's doing well and is recovering very nicely. We've been quite the pair this weekend, both just lounging around and sleeping most of the time. March and April have proven to be pretty uneventful at the Colorado-Gilstraps household! 

These months have brought new meaning to the wedding vows we took 3 1/2 years ago - "in sickness and in health" - and I'm happy to report, that we love one another even more today than two months ago. God is good, and he provides continually and consistently, in ways we couldn't even imagine.

Chris took a few photos to share - Before:

During - thats the nurse that assisted the doctor, haha!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Colorado Easter weekend with Chad and Michelle. I had a sorority alumnae event on Saturday, and Chris, Chad and Michelle spent the day in the mountains for their last skiing day of the year at Arapahoe Basin. Not the greatest snow, but it was nice to get in one last day on the slopes. Saturday evening Chris smoked chicken, ribs and salmon... YUMMM! The feast was wonderful, and as always, wonderful quality time with the Achterhofs :) 

Sunday morning we all went to church - our church typically has 4 services on Sundays and instead of having the typical 4 gatherings, we all met together for one service in a large event room at a hotel downtown denver. It was really neat to have everyone together, since we don't have the space to do that at our church. We heard that attendance was about 1,900 - I had no idea there were so many individuals that attend our church - we typically only see the same 400 people at the service we attend! Altogether, a wonderful weekend with good friends, food and fellowship.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


We've had nothing but sunshine for the last three weeks, and we are really enjoying it! I love being out in the sunshine and enjoying the nice weather, and I enjoy the warmth after a long, cold winter. Chris will miss the snowboarding, but he is okay with trading the slopes for long, warm weekends in our neighborhood. I'm still on crutches, and still enjoying rest time on the weekends. He made us breakfast yesterday morning and we sat on our porch all morning. The first of many warm weekends of this spring and summer!