Monday, August 20, 2012

A VERY Busy July and August

July and August proved to be our busiest two months of the entire year, mainly due to Sarah's work events. She was responsible for two very large events within a 2 week period of time, the annual Alumni Retreat and the annual professional Conference. Both events were very successful and she is looking forward to downtime this fall before planning begins again the first of the new year.

We also welcomed friends to Denver, Brittany Hopp stopped on her way through to her sister's wedding in Wyoming and Jon and Kim Moller visited from Florida (photos below). It is always so great to see our out-of-state friends and to catch up.

We supported Michelle at her FIRST EVER triathlon! She did really well and we are so proud of her. (photo of Michelle and her friend Kelsey below)

We celebrated Chris' birthday weekend mid-August with a trip to a flight simulator (photo below). As you can tell from the photo, he was VERY excited to fly a few airplanes, and the highlight was a carrier landing. Until we can plan for real flight lessons, a flight simulator will have to suffice, and by the look on his face, I believe it did!

And, we purchased a used, and pretty old, Schwinn bike (photo below) that I can cruise around the neighborhood on! Chris already has a bike and has recently become pretty involved with cycling and training with friends, so I figured I needed a nice Sunday cruiser to get me to the farmer's market and church. I'm glad to finally be the owner of a bike!

Visiting with the Mollers x2 and Ashley and Hunter. We celebrated the 4 boys birthdays, which were all in the same weekend.