Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gulf Shores

We took an all girls trip to Gulf Shores. It was Christine, Mom, Mollie, Alayna, Aubri and I - so perfect. We had a wonderful time and swam in the ocean everyday. The media is making the oil out to be much worse than it actually was during the time we were there, though I completely understand the severity and greatness of this issue at hand. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed ourselves, it was simply perfect!

Window and Bathtub

Here is the progress that was made while Sarah was in Gulf Shores with mom, Christine, Mollie, Aubri and Alayna. Dad and Chris had 3 days of rain, but worked diligently once they had sunny skies. 

The roof is on and trimmed out, and dad has enjoyed his "mountain view" from the rooftop.

We found a clearance window for the front of the house and it was exactly what we were looking for, isn't it just perfect?

View from the master bedroom out the new window!

Dad woke up yesterday like a hotdog, sandwiched between both sides of his air mattress. He sprung a leak in the middle of the night. Chris got a kick out of his patching technique - you'll notice an industrial size clamp on the hole.

We found a great jetted Jacuzzi tub for the new bathroom and dad and I went to pick it up in the middle of nowhere at a mountain house. He created quite the spider web of bungee cords to haul it home.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Hall of Frame

These pictures are from Dad, taken for Uncle Paul. The bobcat is filling in the moat that was around the foundation, the truck is a "hot rod truck" that dad want's everyone to see. He said the bobcat driver said he didn't like working with this truck because "it was too pretty."

Sarah's closet.View from what will be the new front entryway, looking toward hallway coat closet, then turning right into the bedroom.400 square feet of glorious space. The moat around the new addition was filled in today. Dad said if we wanted to keep the moat we could always fill it with water and alligators.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Pouring the concrete into the molds for the foundation walls.Apparently while watching the concrete dry, dad fell asleep. He had a big day of watching the contractors pour the concrete.
Concrete work is finished, footings and foundation walls complete. Insulation glued to inside of walls, check. Chris also had to paint the outside of the foundation walls with black waterproofing paint. This was the last day that we were able to drive up into the yard. One of our neighbors turned us in for cracking the sidewalk, so the city came out to scold us, and we're no longer allowed to drive up into our own yard. And just to clarify, we didn't break the sidewalk, the excavators that brought in the HUGE front loader to dig the hole, are the ones that broke it! And yes, we are planning to fix it.Chris and dad, at about 9 pm, admiring their work for the day.Our friends Chris Goodson and Branton Thompson came over to help Chris and Dad build this week. Monday resulted in joists for the flooring. Tuesday....we have a super insultated floor, and one wall! Things are beginning to be removed from the existing house, notice the missing gutter, and one side of the door trim. We've decided to leave the remnants of the sprinkler system, for added aesthetic appeal (see bottom right corner PVC popping out of the ground).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chalk Art Festival

We went to the Denver Chalk Art Festival on Larimer Street over the weekend. The art was absolutely incredible. This artist was drawing herself, drawing herself.This piece was created in a circle around a tall metallic cylinder. When you look into the cylinder, the piece looked normal, when you looked on the ground, the image was curved and abstract. The piece was inspired by Salvador Dali artwork, with melting clocks and such. It was really incredible.

This photo is for you Mollie, Dad wanted me to take it for you!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Watch it grow.

Footings minus concrete.
Add that concrete.
Pray concrete truck does not fall into hole.