Monday, June 24, 2013

Buena Vista Weekend

Chris' sister Katie and her fiance, Matt, came to Colorado for a little get-away before he starts the Highway Patrol Academy, and we spent the weekend in Buena Vista. We went to our friends Beth and Tyler's wedding, and the trip was extra special because it was Amelia's first trip to the mountains! Our friends Chad and Michelle also came up for Saturday night, and Katie, Matt, Chad and Michelle babysat Amelia while we went to the wedding. What a wonderful weekend, in a beautiful place, at a beautiful home, with great people.

We rented a home for the weekend, it was picture perfect!

The wedding was just about as picturesque as it gets. In the middle of a field, in the mountains, near dusk, with just the people you love and who love you. It was a very basic wedding, with only the essentials (mainly just friends and family,  a couple of guitars, and bread/wine for communion), but so accurately represented the simplicity of their genuine, authentic love for each other and for God. I've never been to a wedding that I felt so accurately represented the couple, it was just perfect. Also, if you look closely, you'll see their dog laying behind them as they take communion. The dog was part of the wedding, walking alongside the bride to the ceremony and then with the couple at the end of the ceremony, and following behind them when they walked over to take communion. We joked that the groom must have a treat in his pocket - what a loyal friend and part of the family. It was incredible, and adorable. Such a sweet little family.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summertime Weeks 8 - 11

We love baths!

"Mom is scared I'm going to get sun burnt, so she dresses me in long sleeves when it's 100 degrees out. She's crazy!" - Amelia

My new headband from our friend Andrea, so cute!

Having fun seeing friends at Katie's bridal shower!

Tummy time! I think she was surprised she could push herself up!

"I'm not so sure about my new hat, it makes me look like a duck." - Amelia

Missouri Trip (Continued)

A few additional photos I came across from our Missouri trip!

Amelia with her cousin Alayna, watching a movie - This cute cousin moment didn't last very long. Amelia started to spit up and Alayna yelled "Get her off of me!" and began scooting away from her. Luckily, Nana was there to catch the newborn's head :)

Amelia and her Papa next to his parent's grave on Memorial Day. This was a very special moment for us, I know Grammie and (my) Papa were smiling down on us!

Amelia looks confused about what is on TV

Amelia and her cousin Alayna

Amelia and her cousin Aubri

Amelia and her Papa

The Osgood team changing a diaper!

On the train at the airport, on our way to make our flight to Missouri. Efficiency at it's finest.

With my friend Andrea in Missouri

Sisters? Yes. We kind of look alike.

Waiting at the airport gate for our flight. The man in the background was flying to Kansas City to walk his daughter down the aisle. His advice to us was to cherish every minute with our daughter, because time goes by so fast.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dad Day

For those of you scoring at home, yes, this was my first Father's Day.  As I began it at 12:18am this morning, it occurred to me that I had yet to weigh in (through this public forum) on the last 10 weeks of our family's life.  Early on I was asked quite frequently how parenthood was treating me, and never one to be without an analogy, I likened it to golf.  I felt I could spent an entire day shooting bad shots, but then there was that one shot that made it all worth it.

I could spend an entire day like this
but then something like this would make it all worth it.

And I continue to stand by that analogy, although I have definitely never golfed this many days in a row!

We were fortunate to ring in this particular holiday with good friends yesterday as I did the fatherly thing and fired up the grill.  My beautiful wife and (Brian's as well) saw to it that we had something sweet to finish off the proceedings.

And on the note, I cannot go any further without thanking all of the folks that so graciously showered us with help upon Amelia's arrival.  Until you find yourself in that position there is no way you can comprehend the value of a warm meal.  I must say that after twice-a-week meals for 6 weeks, I have become quite the connoisseur of enchiladas.  In all seriousness, thank you Stevens (for coordinating), Stones, Janelles, Nyes, Thomases, Richardsons, Hollands and Diazes. 

And in the topic of thankfulness I find the most obvious place to end.  Days spent in Missouri were quite an opportunity to share in the blessing of a life beginning.  I am so grateful for the many family members that went out of their way (in some cases, states away) to congregate around and celebrate with us.  It also put into perspective the amount of work my beautiful wife is selflessly putting in on a daily basis as it would take at least one grandma and multiple aunts to fill in for her the few times we snuck away.  She makes it look so easy, much like a pro golfer would.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Amelia's Trip to Missouri

Amelia's first big trip was back to Missouri to meet friends and family when she was 2 months old. It was incredible how much family time we could squeeze into one week, and we were thrilled to be able to introduce Amelia to 1 Great-Great Grandma and 5 Great-Grandparents. That's incredible! It is so special that we were able to snap several 5 and 4 generation photos.

Time with The Gilstraps
1 Great-Great Grandma (Julie's Grandma, Chris' Great-Grandma)
3 Great Grandparents (Julie's Parents, Chris' Grandparents)
2 Grandparents (Chris' Parents)
3 Aunts (Chris' Sisters)

Time with The Duvalls
2 Great Grandparents (Stuart's Parents, Chris' Grandparents)
2 Grandparents (Sarah's Parents)
2 More Aunts (Sarah's Sisters)
2 Cousins (Sarah's Nieces)

Amelia and her Great Grandma and Grandpa Gilstrap

Cousins Aubri and Alayna - I had these shirts made to announce to my nieces that I was pregnant. The shirts say "Big Cousin Aubri" "Mid Cousin Alayna" and "Lil Cousin Baby G"
(I think it's hilarious that the 5 year old was the one crying in the photo, and not the newborn!)

Amelia and her Aunt Mollie

With Nana and Papa

Our Duvall 3 Generation Photo

Meeting all the (friend) Aunts and Uncles in Missouri!

Our SIFE Friends the Burkempers and Powells - Andy and Kami just had baby Tyler about a week before Amelia was born

Sarah's high school friends Lewis and his wife, Becky, and their son Liam, and friend Liz with her adorable little guy Jake

Christine and I with Liz, Sophie and Kim - I babysat these girls when they were babies! 

With Lynnie, my babysitter growing up, and her daughters Lexi, Alli and Faith

With the Gilstraps

Amelia and her Great Granny in their matching outfits!

Gilstrap/Gray 4 Generation Photo

Gilstrap/Gray/Powers 5 Generation Photo - This is Amelia's Great-Great Grandma Powers who is 92 years and 1 day older than her. We were so blessed to be able to introduce them!

Amelia with her Great-Grandpa Gray 

The 4 Generation Gilstrap/Gray Photo

Amelia with Great-Grandparents Pampaw and Rose

The Gilstrap Family

While we were in southern Missouri, we met my dad at the cemetery where his parents are buried. This was a very special moment for us, since Amelia doesn't have any Great-Grandparents in our family. This is our Duvall 4 Generation Photo :) I know my Grammie and Papa were looking down on us with beaming smiles when they got to see their great granddaughter Amelia!