Friday, December 31, 2010

Over the hills of snow...

We had such a great time when Chris' family was here for Thanksgiving, so we replicated our Gilstrap tubing day with my family over Christmas. We drove to Winter Park/Frasier Colorado and tubed for a couple hours, then stopped at Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs for "Mountain Pies." YUM!

We even replicated the mountain-top, helmet photo.

I think this is the only time Alayna had her mittens on! Apparently she didn't feel the need to wear them in the snow...

Aubri looking good in her ski gear.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's Christmas Time in the City!

The Duvall's arrived in Denver on Wednesday evening and the adventures in Colorado began!

Mollie, Aubri, Chris and I went to the King Tut exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. It was so neat to see 3,000 year old artifacts and to get to see such a well-known exhibit.

The little house on Lincoln Street was full on Christmas morning. This is a photo of Aubri with her gift from us, it's a Hallmark book that you read to the little puppy, and the puppy interacts with the story! I was so excited to give it to her, I kept playing with it in the days before she arrived in Denver!

Hallmark gift #2 went to Alayna, a recorded storybook of "The Christmas Story." Chris and I recorded our voices reading the story to her. It was really neat!

Papa receiving lots of grand-daughter love on Christmas morning.

A very full living room...

Our little house decorated up for Christmas!

Monday we toured the Hammond's Candy Factory in Denver. They make candy canes and other holiday treats for Williams Sonoma, and have been picked by Oprah and Martha Stewart as "favorites." It was really neat to see how all the holiday candy is made! And of course, we enjoyed the samples.

This is a blurry photo of ribbon candy cooling...

After the Hammond's tour, we toured the Celestial Seasonings factory in Boulder, Colorado. We weren't allowed to take photos, so I just have a couple quick shots. Celestial Seasonings is the largest producer of packaged teas in the world, and they are best known for their "Sleepytime" tea. Every box of tea has custom illustration/artwork by an international artist. Our favorite part of the tour was the "Mint Room" where they keep mint for flavoring tea. It has to be stored separate otherwise it will flavor the other herbs and seasonings in the factory. Being in the room really clears your sinuses!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giving Thanks for Family

The Gilstraps came to Denver for Thanksgiving and we had a great time. It was wonderful to be surrounded by family for the holiday, and we were thankful to be able to have everyone with us in our new little home!

After Thanksgiving, we headed up to Winter Park/Frasier Colorado and went tubing! We had a great time and enjoyed the snow!

I'm not sure what Chris is doing in this photo?

We volunteered together at Operation Christmas Child. It was a really neat experience to enjoy together. Chris and I both agreed that it was a worship experience, and while we were there, you could feel a holy presence. All of the volunteers were working together toward one cause, and it was powerful to be a part of such an amazing ministry.