Thursday, July 29, 2010

At the 7 week mark...

Most of the work this week has been electrical and plumbing, and well that just isn't fun to take pictures of. Some fun electrical work though, is the addition of coach lights on the front of the house. We've decided it has a bit of a nautical feel, so we'll be adding a buoy, posts with ropes,  a life preserver, and a seagull statue to the deck. You'll also notice that the house is now one color! Dad and Chris painted the entire house in this color as primer, and we'll decide on a color scheme for the stucco and siding at a later date.

Dad found this card from mom in one of his boxes of tools, so he hung it up with a nail on a stud in the entry way. Very cute! Dad is headed home for a quick break away from building, and I think mom has plans to put him to work at home.... not much of a break!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

And we're wired.

Dad worked on electrical wiring last week. Here is an example of his art.
The wiring is running from the existing house to the new addition via the existing house's attic. Here you see the break between the existing house's roof/attic, and the new addition, directly above what once was the front door. The yellow cords flopping over the insulation are what is brining us electricity to our new addition. It's a lot less complicated than I realized. Dad spent a day or two constructing the spider web of wiring, it's looking great!

Can lights in the bedroom, bathroom, and bedroom closet. It's for the mood lighting dad says! We are all for the mood lighting!

Going to work in the bathroom

This week was mainly spent in the bathroom doing plumbing and electrical work. The sinks are now in and the plumbing connected, ready for faucets. There will be a lower vanity top between the sinks, with a little place to sit and blowdry my hair in the morning.
The bathtub is now in and has running water! Dad connected the plumbing and sewage from the existing house, so the spot for the toilet is also ready to go (there to the left of the tub - there will be a short half-wall between the toilet and tub).
Plumbing behind the sinks
The cabinet between the bathtub on the left and the shower on the right, will be for linens and such. The plumbing for the bathroom is hidden behind this cabinet, and comes down from the existing house's attic. You can see behind the cabinet is where the old window was, in the existing house, in our current bedroom.
Dad also installed the framework for what will be a pocket door from the bathroom to the bedroom. The tub is scooted over in this picture - won't actually be there against the wall, the toilet will be there.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Working it

As you can see, today was a day of work.  In the post immediately prior to this, you can see Bill's morning, finishing up the exterior.  

For the afternoon, Bill moved indoors with the saws all.  Our east facing bedroom window is no more!

Here is the window that was removed, now for sale on craigslist for anyone who is interested.

As the evening approached, Bill couldn't resist going up top to install some attic vents.  

A little perspective of the heights.

The virtual inspection

Bill has been working some ridiculous hours in the relentless heat to finish up the exterior.  As he approaches the finish line, we thought it would be a good time for a virtual walkaround.

This is a shot facing west looking down the south-facing side of the house.  This is where the new and old will come together and Bill is seeing to it that you won't be able to tell where.  

This is a piece of the stucco board bridging the gap.  The siding will soon follow up top!

After about 10 days of looking, Bill found the perfect centerpiece for the eave in the front of our house. He framed it himself so that it opens for ventilation in the attic.

And finally, a close-up look at the difference between Bill Duvall and some general contractor.  We leave for work in the morning with simple 90-degree corners on the house, and come back with works of art!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Remember when?

Remember when our front door faced the street? And we lived in a tiny 1-bed, 1-bath 670 square foot home?

Now our front door faces the side, and we officially live in a 2-bed, 2-bath 1070 square foot home, exciting! Today dad moved the front door, so now the new addition is officially sealed off and part of our home! Please excuse the poka-dot decor on the addition, it's putty to cover the nail holes. We'll be painting sometime in the next week or two, and next week begins the work on the inside of the addition. Up on the to-do list: framing inspection and approval, plumbing, electrical wiring, dry wall, flooring....and more!

The outside is beginning to look complete!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blues and Brews

We had a night out on Pearl Street, enjoying some blues and brews with dad and some good friends from Springfield. A great time was had by all, and it was so great to see Keri and Will - who were just in Denver for the night - they are getting married in Breckenridge this fall and were finalizing some wedding plans over the weekend.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holiday Weekend = Ice Cream, Deck and Rocks

We had a great holiday weekend with mom and dad, and we were even able to squeeze in some delicious Little Man Ice Cream! My personal favorite - Salted Oreo.... yum!

The deck is now 99% finished - dad is going to do some trim pieces around it tomorrow. It is absolutely BE-AU-TI-FUL! This is a view of it from the front of the house. 

And this is a view of the side of the house.

Rewind a few days and this is all the rock that mom (mainly), Chris and I shoveled from the front yard. When the front loader dug the hole for the foundation, we realized that our house is built right on top of the old Platte River bed so all those beautiful, smooth, round rocks you're seeing are from the river that once ran right where our house is today. Needless to say, those beautiful rocks quickly became a pain in the rear, since they covered our yard after being dug out of the ground. The entire front yard had to be shoveled into a wire mesh netting, sifted to separate from dirt, and then wheelbarrowed and dumped under the deck - for safe keeping :) Mom did most of this - and to her we are forever thankful! Below the entire deck is about 6 - 12" of rocks - whewwww! Thats a lot of rock.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I've never been so happy in my life....

... to get new windows! Aren't they adorable? They crank open so you can still have fresh air on a rainy day, and, they add an extra artistic flare to the wall decor!

This photo is for Carrie - our front door will be on the right/north side of the new addition. You'll only see the front of the house and the deck from the street, then you can walk up on the deck and turn into the front door. You can see through the new door opening, the old door still on the old part of the house, which was on the front of the house.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Gilstrap Vineyard

Good news - our neighbors have grape vines! We're legitimately considering crafting our own wine and bottling our own vintage.... and we could be a winery, with a tasting room, right here in the middle of Platte Park neighborhood! Not sure yet what kind of grapes we have - so we'll let you know when we announce our new label! 
(For those of you who know us well - I'm only partially kidding here....)

The trashbags you see are what's proof of mom and I's work all day Monday - full of tree limbs, dead grape vines, shingles, wood and.... whats left of our irrigation and sprinkler system after it saw its last days because of the front loader.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who needs a big living room when you have a huge deck?

Friday's project was to build a wrap-around deck on the north and east ends of the house. Chris and dad are renting a digger today to dig holes for the posts and then they'll also set the concrete and posts this afternoon.

View of the front.

Mom has been out visiting this week and she has been working on the front "lawn." I'm not sure what happened to our front lawn in the process of building the addition, but it went from beautifully landscaped to being a dirt field, full of rocks! It may have had something to do with the front loader digging an 8' deep hole, and 3 concrete trucks parking in our front lawn. Mom has been raking and sifting the dirt, and it looks 100 times better! We'll bring in loads of top soil and sod this fall, and hopefully by this time next year, we'll have a front lawn again!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Movin' on Up!

The addition is looking better every day! The first 4 feet up is stucco, the next 4 or so feet will be lap siding, and then the rest will be a special craftsman design..... details to come.... All will need a fresh coat of paint in the near future. The bottom is prepped to build a wrap-around deck on the north and west sides of the addition - which is on the agenda for tomorrow! The little window is now in it's place - in the bedroom closet. We're patiently waiting on the custom windows to come in so they can be placed and dad can continue with the siding on up. And also - how do you like the addition of our new flag?!

Drop down ladder to our new storage space in the attic. Dad bought the "super deluxe" version - or at least thats what he keeps telling us!

Attic of the new addition - perfect for storage, or a camping experience for the nieces when they come to visit.

View from the ground - up top enjoying the view.

The tub and shower are in their places - dad and Chris are going to begin working on taking the window out/filling the space in and running the new plumbing into the bathroom from the existing  house. The large opening to the left is for placement of a pocket sliding door into the bathroom from the bedroom, which is where I am standing taking the picture.

View of part of the bedroom, from standing in the bathroom. Notice this is where dad is storing his bike for the time being. We're waiting on those little windows to come in so they can be framed in!