Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day, regardless of what people say about it being a "Hallmark created holiday," I absolutely love having an extra reason to give love on this special day each year.

I won a free weekend at Copper Mountain Ski Resort from a networking event, so we cashed it in for this weekend, and it was a perfect way to spend Valentines weekend - up in the mountains, with snow and sunshine, in a magical ski village. Just perfect.

It was another moment where we were so thankful that we are just where we are at, and so thankful to be able to share this weekend together. God is good, and always giving. We are so blessed.

Driving toward the mountains and a view of Copper Mountain Village

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big Air Competition Downtown Denver

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Last week, we went to the Big Air competition in downtown Denver, which was a pre-competition before the X-Games in Aspen. We went on the skier night because the band Switchfoot was performing (we love Switchfoot!), and the next night was snowboarding. While watching, we had another one of those moments, where you are just so thankful for being able to experience what you're witnessing, and so incredibly thankful for the opportunity because you're living in Colorado. We've had the opportunity to experience so many once-in-a-lifetime kind of things since we moved here, and we're certain it's not the end of these opportunities!

Basically, they built an 106 foot tall ramp in the middle of downtown, situated between the Capitol and the Courthouse buildings, in the middle of Civic Center Park. It was man-made and fun to watch them build during the weeks leading up to the competition. The competitors ages ranged from 13 - 33 years old, and they were nothing short of AMAZING! They jumped and flipped, coming to a stop just feet in front of the crowd. 

Click here for more about the competition: Denver Big Air Competition

Panorama of the ramp in front of the crowd

The Courthouse, directly across from the ramp, behind the crowd. In front of the Courthouse is a stage, where the band Switchfoot performed during the competition.

This is the ramp from the side, it was 106 feet tall and cost $600,000 to build. The ramp itself was layered scaffolding, plywood, foam, turf and then snow.

Beyond the ramp, you could see the Colorado Capitol building in the distance. It was neat to be in the crowd and be able to see both the Capitol and the Courthouse, with the ramp built in the middle of Civic Center Park, which is between the two government structures.