Monday, August 30, 2010

Missouri Weekend

We left Denver Thursday evening and hopped a jet plane for Missouri, arrived about 10pm that night. Friday morning we had breakfast with Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Bob at our absolute favorite breakfast cafe - Neighbor's in downtown Lee's Summit. We hit the road about 9am and drove 3 hours south to Richland to spend the afternoon with Granny Gray, Great Grandma Powers and Kay Powers. We had lunch there and share photos of the house. From Richland, we drove about an hour and a half to Republic. 

In Republic, we celebrated Chris' birthday with Stuart, Julie, Katie and Kendra - BBQ and ice cream cake! We headed back to Springfield and slept at Granny's house that night. Saturday morning we parted ways and Chris played 9 holes with Stuart, while I spent the morning with sorority sisters for "Preferance Day" ceremonies (it's the day where the freshman decide which chapter they would like to join.) It was such a great time seeing friends that I hadn't seen in more than a year!

Saturday around 3 pm we headed out into the country outside of Springfield for a friend's wedding being held outdoors at the brother of the groom's  home. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and we were able to see 20 of our closest SIFE friends from college. 

After the wedding we drove around Springfield in a shuttle we rented, and enjoyed more quality time together! Sunday morning we hit the road around 8 am and drove to Warrensburg to see Mollie's new apartment and to see some of Central Missouri State's campus. She just moved there, after completing her associates at Longview, to finish her bachelors degree in art education. Her apartment is just perfect for her! From Warrensburg we drove to Lee's Summit for lunch with Megan and John Hobbs at this great new restaurant called B:2. After lunch we headed back to my family's house to celebrate Chris and Charles' (my sister's husband) birthday with family and friends including mom, dad, Christine, Charles, Aubri, Alayna, Mollie, and several family friends. These are some fun pictures of my 2 year old niece Alayna.

Chris flew home Monday morning at 7 am and went on to work, and I rode back to Colorado with Dad to keep  him company across Kansas! We had a wonderful, very full weekend and enjoyed seeing everyone. We're very very very tired, but know we are fortunate to be able to see so many friends and family when we visit Missouri.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Christopher!

He's reached a quarter-century landmark, and doesn't look one day older. We celebrated with Chad and Michelle in Colorado Springs at Solos Restaurant - the only restaurant with a full size airplane inside!

This is the airplane connected to the restaurant.

We even got to sit in the airplane to eat our meal!

Pilot and copilot, don't we look great?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bluegrass Fest in Breckenridge

We had a great time in Breck on Saturday at the annual Bluegrass festival. We spent the night in Dillon on Friday and then met up with Chad and Michelle for the festivities on Saturday. It was a great and much needed mini-vacay away from the house. 

Dad is now back in Missouri for a rest, and Chris is in New York for work. I'm gearing up for our annual conference at work, so I have things to do to keep me busy while the men are away! Not many house updates for the next week or two, so I'll try to get creative with my posts to keep our readers entertained! Hang in there, more house photos to come!