Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Big 2-5!

For my birthday, Chris surprised me by spoiling me all day Saturday. We started with breakfast at a new breakfast place in Cherry Creek called Syrup. I had delicious Banana's Foster Pancakes and he had Eggs Benedict, his usual. Then we were off to a 60-minute massage appointment he had made for me. It was wonderful. 

Next he took me shopping... I received a few gift cards for Christmas and hadn't had a free weekend yet to shop, so we cruised through Sur La Table, New York and Company and LOFT. It was a successful shopping trip! The most exciting new toy is a mini-Cuisinart food processor that we're looking forward to using for homemade guacamole and salsa.

We went back to the house to change for dinner, and we had dinner reservations at Simms Steakhouse. It was a surprise and was wonderful! The restaurant sits up on a hill, just west of Denver, and the entire east side of the restaurant is windows, with a panoramic view of Denver. It was really beautiful and we both enjoyed our entrees - Salmon for me and Prime Rib for him. YUM! 

Not that my heart is won by food, but he did do a great job planning a perfect birthday dinner, and a perfect birthday Saturday. Thank you Christopher, I love you!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow, finally!

We had a snowstorm on Thursday last week, and it continued through the night into Friday. This is our first big snow of the winter, which is really odd to be this late in the year.

Chris braved the -12 degree windchill and swept off our porch - its is probably the biggest difference we've noticed between Missouri and Colorado winters. In Missouri, this snow storm would have meant a thick layer of ice covering everything - streets, sidewalks, trees, cars and your house. And then there may have been some snow on top of the ice. In Colorado, we just receive lots of fluffy, white, beautiful powder that you sweep off your porch and car with a broom! It's so much nicer than having to scrape through the ice with a shovel and de-thaw your car with cans of de-icer spray!

This was our street at 10 am on Friday when I was leaving for work. As you can see, not many people went to work that day! I went in late because it was a "snow emergency day" at the hospital, and only those needed for patient care were required to come into work. I'm not a clinical staff member, so I was only expected to come in if I was able to make it in. Driving a Jeep Wrangler gives me no excuses to not be able to make it in, so I waited until the streets warmed up, then went in late.

We were worried that we would have to take our Christmas decorations down without being able to see them with snow on the house! Fortunately, it finally snowed!

Chris LOVES to decorate for Christmas. We had white lights lining the roof, and red and green light bulbs replacing our usually white lights on the front of the house.