Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's beginning to look at lot like...

Weather update...turns out you can't spell Colorado without cold.  Expected high of 5 on Sunday.  The permafrost layer can be very slick in spots, I am needing to get some treads for the work shoes.  We hope to go see the real stuff up in the mountains soon!

As I sit here (this is Chris) Sarah is putting the finishing touches on her project for today.  We are the owners of a new vacuum cleaner, she has added all the attachments and hoses, just now tightening the last screw.  I am very impressed!

Sarah has been relentless this week in the job search.  Most promising leads come with the stipulation of patience as they will be doing the bulk of the contacting and interviewing after the holiday season.  Tis to be expected I guess, we find it encouraging that the opportunities do exist out there.

Work for me has been coming along comfortably, the calm before the storm I assume. 

We are looking forward to a week or so at home for Christmas, anticipating tempting treats and many hugs and pictures to share. 

Wedding pictures are starting to come in, will be passing those along as soon as we can. 

Love you all, thanks for checking in.   

Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally Wed

Here are a few photos from the photographer's blog. There are many more photos to come!

Final Website Posts...

November 6, 2008 - By Sarah
Likewise, I too am in a series of lasts. Today is my last day at ADsmith. I'm leaving a family of mentors and friends after a wonderful year and a half in my first ever, grown-up job! I really, really will miss my friends here at ADsmith. Tomorrow I'm leaving for Dallas to see Bekah and then visiting Chris in Denver. I'll spend a few days in Kansas City with my family - my last time in KC as a single Duvall daughter. Wow, this period of engagement and planning as really flown by! We're excited to see everyone in just 24 days!

November 1, 2008 - By Chris
One of the things about Sarah moving out here that will be pleasing to you, the viewer is that she will bring with her a digital camera. That way you can see the snow on our mountains!

I spent another day up in those mountains, this time with some friends. We walked up to the top of a mountain and had lunch. It was a pleasant 75 degrees and I believe a good time was had by all.

We are now officially in the same month as the wedding and the anticipation is certainly mounting from my perspective. I am beginning my series of lasts. Today I payed rent for the last time before I am a married man. Last night I hopefully went to Wal-Mart to grocery shop by myself for the last time. I am also trying to translate the time left into realistic time tables, thinking about all the things that could happen in less than a month. I could welcome any advice or suggestions as to which lasts I should take extra care to enjoy and savor. So send them my way!

Hope everyone is well! See you in less than a month!