Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A few Photos from Week 6

Our first date without a baby :) Thank you to my friend Katie for watching Amelia! We knew we wouldn't make it past 8pm so we went our for brunch, so great to have a little time alone together, and so needed!

For a perspective on size - Dad's arm vs. baby torso :)

Photos like these are why the phrase "sleeping like a baby" exist.

And at the 7 week mark we are heading to Missouri for all our family and friends to meet our little one! "Watch out Missouri, here I come!" -Amelia

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weeks 4-6 and Mother's Day

Some photos from weeks 4-6!

We've been taking lots of walks, during the day it's just the two of us, but at night dad joins us. South Pearl Street is close to our house, so I get to make stops for coffee, and we sometimes venture out at night for ice cream. Amelia likes to go for walks, and it usually puts her to sleep, which is great! She's a good sleeper when she does sleep, but she prefers to be awake a lot of the time. I think she's worried she will miss something exciting! We recently read about and adopted more of a schedule, so her naps are now 2 - 3 hours, vs. the 30 minute - 1 hour naps she was taking the whole first month.

We had a great first Mother's Day! We walked to brunch with our friends the Madsens, who were in town from Tulsa; we napped in the afternoon, and then walked to Kaos Pizza for dinner. A lot of things have changed about our lives since Amelia came along, but I would like to think that even with a baby in the picture, our day was exactly the way it would have been if we didn't have a little one.

Amelia LOVES bathtime! I think she's going to be a swimmer when she gets older. She's really relaxed in the tub and isn't even bothered by water in her face.

This is my favorite outfit so far!

My coworker Shellie sent this super cute monogrammed sun hat for Amelia, she loves it! It's perfect for our walks in the front pack!

Amelia rarely holds still, and she's always making funny faces and squirming around. It's so great to finally be able to see what I was feeling the last 5 months of pregnancy. I knew she was very active while I was pregnant and she's still really active now!

Amelia and I go on lots of adventures during the day. Sometimes we go to Target to walk around, or to the grocery store, we've visited my work and the Zeta house in Fort Collins, we went to see our friends Chad and Michelle in Colorado Springs and she came with me to a sorority alumnae meeting last week. Mainly we just go to coffee shops on South Pearl Street or Whole Foods for an afternoon iced tea. She loves car rides and always falls asleep. I have considered loading her up in the car at 3am when she's crying and won't sleep, to see if I can get her to fall asleep, but I haven't done it. I suppose it's probably not a great idea, but I would bet that I wouldn't be the first mom to do it!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some thoughts on being a mom...

There have been few moments throughout my life as sweet as the last 4 weeks spent cherishing my new daughter. The day I married Chris was a very special day, and I vividly remember memorable days growing up when my parents made me feel selflessly loved and extra special in unique ways. One of my favorite moments with Amelia was right after she was born, Chris stood beside me with his hand on her head, and said to her, "There is nothing in the world that you could ever do to make us quit loving you."

In that moment my worlds collided - it was the combination of the selfless love my parents had shown me my entire life, and the overwhelming love of and for my husband, showing endless love for our precious daughter. It took experiencing it firsthand to truly understand how for all these years, there was nothing in the world that I could do to lose the love of my parents, a phrase I have heard them say to us hundreds of times, but could never really comprehend. Growing up I thought surely there is SOMETHING I could do that would be so terrible, they would want to disown me, right? Nope, nothing and 27 years later, I finally get it.

And I feel like in experiencing this love for my daughter, I can finally understand, and accept, what God has been promising all these years. There is nothing I have ever done or could ever do to lose His love - He loves me, and you, endlessly for all eternity. Just incredible, and so powerful. If it has only been 4 weeks and I am already having these life changing epiphanies, imagine what a lifetime as as parent has in store for me.