Sunday, September 29, 2013

Quick Trip to Western Colorado

I was working a conference in western Colorado, so we made a quick trip to our favorite part of Colorado, Montrose and Ridgway. Amelia stayed in Denver with my parents, and it was a nice little overnight get away for Chris and I - and of course, my parents loved grandbaby time as well. The San Juan range was beautiful, as always, and the aspens were beginning to turn yellow. The photos don't do the beauty of the landscape justice, but I promise you, it's one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Almost 6 Months - Photo Update

Sitting up all by herself now

Riding in the stroller without the infant seat, she's getting so big so fast!

Amelia got a high-chair, such a big girl!

A picture from the video monitor in her crib - Amelia likes to sleep on her side, and so does Sophie the giraffe.

Tasting solids for the first time - oatmeal, rice cereal, applesauce, bananas and avocado. Not a huge fan of solids yet, so we'll keep trying them in the months to come!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Santa Fe Wedding

We spent last weekend in Santa Fe, NM celebrating the wedding of Hilary and Harry! The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the bride was stunning. The resort, La Posada, was perfect and we loved the southwest setting. My parents came along to take care of Amelia, and loved every minute with their grandbaby. We snapped a few great pictures of the happy couple and of Amelia enjoying the weekend!


Amelia loved the hotel room, especially the big bed to roll around on.

We had to make some stops along the way so she could roll around and stretch out. She doesn't enjoy her carseat as much as she used to before she learned how to roll.



The cutie all dolled up for the wedding


Hilary's mom Jean got Amelia this adorable onesie, such a great pic with the bride-to-be!

Family photo! Don't be surprised if this ends up on our Christmas card, haha!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Amelia Meets Her Friends

Even before she was born, we were planning for all the wonderful friends Amelia would have in her life. Our good friends the Greenos, Florida Mollers and Colorado Mollers all have little ones, and we were finally able to get everyone together in September. We were introduced to Ashley and Hunter Greeno through a mutual friend almost 5 years ago now, and then through Ashley and Hunter, we met the Mollers, Jon and Kim, and Kaity and Nathaniel. Ashley and Hunter welcomed Lily to their family just over 2 years ago, and then Jon and Kim welcomed Justus just two weeks after we had Amelia. Most recently, Kaity and Nathaniel had baby Ava Jane. We all met when Ashley, Kim and I were all recent newlyweds, new to Colorado and career searching. We've come so far since then, and remained friends through multiple apartment/house moves, job changes, and now through growing families! We used to say how wonderful it was that God blessed us with such great "couple friends" and now we are so thankful to have "young family friends." It's neat how we are truly growing up together in our marriages and careers, and how our kiddos will get grow up together as friends as well.

Amelia and Justus really hit it off! 


Proud dads of 5 month olds