Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Good Laugh

For a good laugh, check out these photos! I discovered that in the morning, when I still have a full bladder, my "baby bump" is lop sided (see first photo). After I empty my bladder, the bump is back to normal (see second photo). Oh the adventures of pregnancy! 

Baby Bump: 16 Weeks

Today marked 16 weeks pregnant and a baby bump appeared sometime between 14 weeks and today! Fewer clothes still fit (comfortably) and my tummy is finally looking at a bump rather than just a little extra fat around my mid-section. We've read that the baby is the size of a turnip this week, that ears and eyes are formed (so it could see light if we shined a flashlight at my belly, and hear us when we talk), and anytime now I should start feeling the little movements of arms and legs. I'm still feeling sick, but I feel like we're better at managing the sickness now so it's not as bad as the first trimester. I've done a little maternity clothes shopping for things like a pair of jeans and a few shirts, but I'm going to have to get very creative with my wardrobe if I want to put off maternity clothes shopping much longer. We have a 17 week appointment next week and then will find out gender on December 3rd at our 21 week appointment, and we are very excited!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weeks 12 - 16

A few miscellaneous photos from weeks 12 - 16...

Announcing to Aubri and Alayna that they are going to have a new cousin! Get ready for a troublemaking trio - big cousin Aubri, middle cousin Alyana, and little cousin Baby G.

When I announced to Alayna that I was having a baby, she offered to share her books with the baby. Later that day, I came back to find she had packed all of her books in my suitcase, ready to take back to Denver with me! What a sweetheart, she is so cute.

We made our first baby room purchase - a changing table off Craigslist! I promised Chris I wouldn't start purchasing things yet, but I just couldn't pass up this steal. It was such a great deal (read: cheap!) and matches our chifferrobe (the dresser/wardrobe already in the room). 

Baby G - with a HUGE noggin (on the right), a body and little arms. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Goodbye Old Faithful

The Jeep has served me well for 11 years, and though it was tough to part with, it was time to say goodbye. With a little one on the way, we decided it was best to get rid of a vehicle that could not transport a baby safely (note the plastic windows and a Jeep's notorious reputation for "rolling") and get something more practical. No folks, we did not buy a mini-van. We're not at that point in our lives, and really, hopefully never will be ;) 

As Chris became excited about the possibility of a different vehicle, he was so great about being patient with me in my mourning of this loss. After all, Jeep had be in my life for longer than he had (I reminded him of that) and for longer than many of my closest friends. Jeep has been with me through many adventures, good times and bad.

For high school... dance photos
hot summer days driving to Royals games
6 am "Survivor" workouts
countless swim practices
snowday donuts in parking lots
trendy zebra seat covers
Young Life shenanigans

For college... sorority bid days
late nights making Quik Trip hot cocoa runs with Chris
deafening 3 hours (countless times) driving Springfield - Kansas City
 multiple stolen stereo face plates 
(faceplates: dad started buying them in bulk on Ebay at one point) 
count them - 5 - total "break ins" into the Jeep in college
my first job out of college

And after college...the big move to colorado
2 apartments and 1 house
marriage, new jobs, grown up lives, and new friends

I will miss you my friend, but maybe someday we will reunite with a newer Jeep...
with fewer than 215k miles
that starts on the first time instead of the second time 
(though, it started on the second time, every time)
that has a horn that works, and turn signals that turn off after you turn a corner
that doesn't break down at 14,000 feet on a mountain
that doesn't fall out of 4-wheel drive climbing up a mountain
that doesn't get broken into repeatedly, or sat in by homeless people on Colfax

... like I said, the good times and the bad!