Sunday, October 11, 2009


Chris and I went to the annual Jack-O-Launch in Aurora this weekend. Launching machines sent pumpkins flying up to 1150 feet across a field, competing against one another. It was crazy!

Here is the line up for the Jack-O-Launch: catapults and air pressure launching machines!

Participants had to entertain the crowd before their launch - most did skits in medieval attire - very humorous!
Our efforts to keep warm.

14 degrees October 10, 2009 - new Denver low temperature record, previous record was 25 degrees in 1905. Perfect day to go sit on metal bleachers and watch the annual Jack-O-Launch!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Denver Race for the Cure

Chris and I volunteered at Denver's Race for the Cure today, which fundraises for breast cancer awareness and education through the Susan G. Koman Foundation. Zeta Tau Alpha is a co-sponsor of the event because our national philanthropy is the Susan G. Koman Foundation. We worked at the back sign tables and helped participants fill out "In Memory of" or "In Celebration of" signs to pin to the backs of their shirts. It was emotional at times because many were participating in memory of moms, sisters, wives, and loved ones. Last year 64,000 participated, numbers for this year have not yet been announced. Seeing so many people come together for such an incredible cause really put life into perspective today. Also, having my husband there by my side helping out was so great. Oh how I love him so much!

We showed up to help at 5:30 am, it was sooo cold!

A sea of beautiful roses for a sea of beautiful women!

Zeta's from Fort Collins Kappa Alpha Chapter with ZTA Alumnae from across the country - represented in this photo Colorado State, Texas A&M and Drury Univeristy!

This was my favorite participant and back sign :)