Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boys Weekend

Chris' best friends Tyler and Alex came to Colorado again this year for a ski weekend in the mountains. We went up on Saturday and skied Keystone. We got a little fresh snow the day before, so slopes were in better shape. It was great to have old friends in town, and to spend time catching up.

Enjoying nachos after a long day on the slopes.

Thats Alex, ready to go!

Chris and Tyler on the Great Divide Brewery tour

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SIFE Ski 2012

As many of you know, some of our best friends in the world are our SIFE friends from college. This year, everyone traveled to Colorado (from Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas) for our second annual "SIFE Ski." We had a great 4-day weekend at Keystone and everyone was able to do relax, hangout in the hot tub, and participate in winter activities of their choice. Some skied, others snowmobiled, snow shoed and tubed. We really had fun and enjoyed lots of good conversation and quality time together. We even had shirts printed this year! :)

This is difficult to see but that is me in a lawn chair, outside a lodge on the backside of Keystone resort. I was taking a rest while we waited on a friend.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sarah's 26th Birthday!

We were up in the mountains for SIFE Ski (what better way to spend a birthday than with 14 of your favorite people?!) so we had a birthday weekend before my actual birthday. Chris surprised me with breakfast in bed which included my new favorite breakfast item - banana bread french toast. Think about it, it really is the perfect combination! Excellent birthday weekend to celebrate my big 2-6!

We shopped a little, and got massages, then did dinner at Vesta Dipping Grill downtown Denver. The restaurant is known for their 50 homemade sauces, yum! 

Desert was a candy bar cheesecake with a carmel sauce, YUM!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The National Western Stock Show

We went to the stock show this weekend, which was certainly on our "bucket list" of things to experience in Denver. We saw a rodeo and walked around through the stables. It was a great time, and reminded me a lot of growing up visiting my Grammie and Papa on their farm. I remember going to a rodeo with my Papa when I was little, so it brought back good memories.

Every year, the stock show kicks off with a parade through downtown Denver. Chris took this photo from his office window. They parade the cowboys and cowgirls, and even some animals, through downtown.

This was the national anthem and prayer before the rodeo...

An antique stage coach came out and drove around in the arena, very cool!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

We got home from our trip to Missouri and we were both sick. Chris shook it off a bit quicker than I did, and by New Years eve, I was still trying to catch up on rest and beat my sinus infection. We ended up touring Stranahan's Whiskey Distillery (Colorado whiskey) with some friends and having dinner at the restaurant onsite. Later we headed over to a friend's house for snacks and good conversation. Below are photos from the tour, and tasting.


Copper kettles where the whiskey magic happens...

This was my reaction after the whiskey tasting...

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper owns this barrel because of it's significance. I may get this wrong, but I believe there are 52 gallons in a barrel, so the 1,000th barrel was 5,200 gallons, which is similar to Denver's elevation of 5280 feet.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Family Photos

I just came across a few more photos from our fabulous trip to Missouri. These are photos from our visit to Richland to see Chris' Grandma Darlene (Granny), Great Grandma Alberta (Granny Powers), and his grandma's sister Aunt Kay. We enjoyed time together and am so thankful for such a wealth of family in Missouri. We hope that Great Grandma Powers will get to hold her great great grandchildren some day :)